How much does it cost to build mobile game?

This is one of the most frequent question I hear from people, “How much does it cost to build a game”. I tried giving generic answer saying between $ 5,000 to a million; and citing example that Flappy Bird will be $5,000 and a social game will be upward of 1 Million. I know, my canned response couldn’t satisfy people. The price vary depending upon game genre, artwork and complexity of game.

Based on our experience in building over 200 mobile games, we have put a rough ballpark estimates based on genre. Ideally, I recommend to schedule a free call with our gaming consultant to get a more precise quote. However, the table below can provide you with rough ballpark estimates based on genre.


Note : These are ballpark costs and shouldn’t be considered as proposal or actual cost to develop project. The actual costs may vary based on discussion with client. 

Game Genre Base Price $
Cards Game $ 6,500
Social $ 45,000
RPG $ 40,000
Arcade $ 8,000
Casino $ 15,000
Casual $ 7,000
Puzzle $ 8,000
Racing $ 15,000
Adventure $ 12,000
Action-Adventure $ 18,000
Running $ 10,000
Platformer $ 12,000
Strategy $ 100,000
Tile Matching $ 11,000
Interactive Fiction $ 25,000
Sports $ 18,000
Shooting $ 14,000
Simulation $ 8,000
Survival $ 13,000
Word Games $ 5,000
Kids $ 6,000
Educational $ 7,000
Fighting $ 22,000
Tower Defense $ 12,000
Trivia $ 4,000
Turn based Tactics $ 15,000

**These are ballpark estimates. Actual game prices may vary based on features and art requirement.

GenITeam, an award winning game studio, specialise in building engaging games from scratch to finish. We provide quality services at competitive prices. We understand that innovative companies needs dependable team for taking on next game project, deliver a game on deadline or experiment with new idea without adding payroll cost. GenITeam ( helps its customers achieve goals by hiring and scaling remote game development team on demand. With over 100 full time staff on board and 7 years in business, we can help in art, programming, QA, Analytics and marketing your game. Please review our portfolio as well.

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