GenITeam Solutions Currently Sporting 5-Star Rating on Clutch

So, you finally decided that your company needs an app. There are thousands of developers out there which can lead to second thoughts about your choice. With more than 12 years of experience and over 50 million users of our apps, the crew at GenITeam Solutions has shown that we can be trusted with any project. We work with our clients every step of the way, starting with concept development all the way to app discovery. Our attention to detail has led to our inclusion on Clutch’s list of the top app developers in the UAE.

What is Clutch?

clutch 5 star ratingClutch is a B2B ratings and reviews website located in Washington, D.C. Its mission is to connect businesses with the service providers that will be the best fit for upcoming projects. Clutch analysts assign two scores to each of the companies listed on the site. While Focus is a representation of expertise within a given industry, Ability to Deliver is based on client reviews, market presence, and work experience. The client reviews carry the most weight and are collected by the analyst team during interviews over the phone or online. This ensures that each review is verified and captures an unbiased viewpoint of every project.

One of our reviews was from an independent comic book and video studio. It had hired us to develop a demo video game adaptation of a comic book series. The goal was to capture a full game experience, namely game-play and story, within the demo. The demo was used to attract funding for the completion of a full game. At the end of the project, our client had only good things to say about the final product:

clutch-5 star Review on Geniteam

A successful result is important for GenIteam

“The demo captures all the core elements of gameplay, strategy, and AI necessary to give investors a concrete vision of the full experience. GenITeam Solutions developed a product that far exceeded my highest expectation.” –Owner, Indie Studio

Our reputation extends to two other sites that are also run by Clutch. The Manifest, an online business publication, lists us among the best UAE web development companies. The second is called Visual Objects and hosts our portfolio items. It puts our best work in front of companies that are currently looking to hire for a future project.

Contact us today if your business is interested in developing a world-class app. We look forward to speaking with you!