5 Steps to a Mobile App Development

As the technology paces, the trends in advancements seem to vary as well. Keeping in view today’s era the world is going mobile, mobile traffic surpassed web traffic in 2012. The importance and usage of mobile phone apps seem to grow greater with every day. If you are a business or just generally a person with a creative mindset intending to develop an app/game, you must take into account a certain set of factors before getting your app/game developed.

mobile app development

Idea selection: It all begins with an idea, when choosing an idea make sure that your idea is executable and globally acceptable i.e. it does not initiate any hate content nor does it target the interests of any specific group/sector.

Mobile app storyboarding

mobile app storyboarding

Storyboarding: This is a very crucial stage for the whole development as it sets the base of the project. You should be fully aware of what’s being storyboarded hence staying in constant contact with your app/game developer and giving him feedback on this stage is very important.

Mobile game designing


mobile game designing

Designing: when that comes to designing, make sure you add character building and model building to be designed with specifications to your project. Users are prone to like catchy graphics and it gains their attention way more than plain designed apps.

Mobile game development

mobile game development

Development: this stage is the basic structure of the app/game which includes all the coding, developmental processes and level design, you must be 100% sure that this department is given over to safe hands. You must take into account your service provider’s portfolio and reputation before you hand him over this phase.

Mobile game post production

mobile game postproduction

Post production: once the development is completed with all trial runs for quality assurance, the process is still not over. Post production marketing is very important to help you consumer attention and market share. Several tools like ASO, Cross Promotions and Social Media Marketing are examples of the tools that you can use to promote your project.