Learning from our Happy Customers

Nothing inspires a game developer more then a happy customer. During 2015 we had 95% project success rate, which is almost double the industry standard, and we aim to further perfect our success rate in 2016. We are thankful to our customers for choosing GenITeam as preferred game development vendor. I attribute our success to continuous learning methodology. We also have something to learn from our happy clients. We have been fortunate to work with budding entrepreneurs, game studios as well as Hollywood studios; and each segment had some learnings to offer.

Media Houses / Hollywood Studio’s

Lot of movie production studio’s are building games to market and monetise high quality content. We had opportunity to work with some film studio’s. We were pleasantly surprised to review time spent on creating and refining game story. May be this came from their experience with movie production that starts with strong script. They helped us realise the importance of game design and planning. Chris Hood from Robin Hood films shares his working relationship with GenITeam in video below

Game Studio’s

Lot of game studios use GenITeam for on-demand resources to meet tight deadlines, experiment with a new game idea or scale project team. These game studio’s have streamlined process to manage game production and spent time thinking about mechanics, pricing, monetization and publishing on app stores, early into development cycle. Each game is a product and they measure its return on investment. We enjoyed working with the segment and refined our Game Development Process based on our learnings while working with game studio’s. Here is video testimonial of small studio

Indie Developers

Lot of individuals considers building games as a mean to showcase their creativity and command great return on investments. There are lots of people who had amazing idea and were looking for reliable game development team that could build engaging games while keeping development cost low. In short we loved working with these customers. They were highly involved in game development process, and provided prompt feedback. Despite, lacking their experience in game development, they were eager to learn from our experience. In fact they adviced us to write blog and hence we started sharing our experience with community. Here is a video testimonial by an emerging game tech entrepreneur

We love to learn and share our experience with community and prospects. GenITeam is award winning mobile application and game development firm that builds engaging games faster, better and cheaper. You can contact us to discuss your next amazing game idea.

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