Hollywood Movies with their Mobile Games

When it comes to mobile games, keeping in view the current era, this industry is progressing tremendously. The pace with which the mobile game industry is growing is probably not even measurable. It is worth mentioning that the impact of these games is so strong that their scope has emerged in almost every industry. Mobile games are not just seen as a source of entertainment but they also serve as additional revenue stream. Yes! That’s true, games provided another medium to monetize fictional characters built in movies.

Film production involves a hefty amount of capital investment, which has to be recouped in order to earn profits. Hence mobile games provided another medium for production houses to monetize their Intellectual Property and enhance engagement amongst audience. Not only it helped in increasing revenues, it also helps in cutting marketing cost. Yes! Mobile games also serve as marketing medium; making consumers aware of upcoming titles, create hype and give people flavor of movie theme. Numerous movies have been launched with a supporting mobile game, and we believe more and more movies will support a mobile game.

Over the last few years we can see mobile games based on several famous movies from both Hollywood. We can see some real-time examples;

10 Hollywood hit movies turned into mobile games

  1. Fast & Furious 6
    fast and furious mobile game
  2. Iron man 3
  3. Ice age village
  4. Men in black 3
  5. Toy story: smash it

    and a few more….
  6. EPIC
  7. Temple run: OZ
  8. Turbo FAST
  9. Despicable Me
  10. Angry Birds Star Wars


Amazing, isn’t it? Obviously there is compelling reason to build games to support super hit movies. Foremost, these already successful projects would bring more consumer retention and connection when people would play them as games. Movies take a lot of hard work to build its characters; each character is specifically designed with his/her respective attire. Imagine, how it would feel to be “Iron Man” and doing all those cool things that your favorite character performs. Girls, love dressing up Elsa and playing game are being their favorite character. Not only it enhance their hero-following but also helps in getting viral through social media.

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The people who are the audience of Hollywood movies would know the importance and contribution of these above-mentioned projects to this industry since all have been super-duper popular. Hence projecting these movies into a mobile game would surely have added a lot to each one of these ventures.

At GenITeam we are helping few Hollywood studios build mobile games for their upcoming titles. We believe the games will help them monetize their IP and provide another boost to their fan following.

Hollywood keeps innovating and never ceases to surprise us, and introducing mobile games to support movies thrills us. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the next progress to be made in this business.

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