6 Reason Why You Should Update Your APP for Christmas

christmas app


December being the last month of the year brings down two most major annual events; Christmas and New Year. Keeping that in view, there are 6 compelling reasons that we should update our application for the holiday season.

  1. Higher downloads in the month – Christmas brings down holiday season along with gift from the loved ones. People tend to spend more time on their gadgets leading to a higher number of downloads for this month. Also, with new gifts unwrapped like cellphones or tablets, people flash into app store making downloads for their new gadgets. You can always expect 20% higher downloads during the month.
  2. Propensity to pay is higher for the holiday season – People are likely to have saved money for availing special offers at the end of the year. By providing special Christmas Deals or New Year Deals, you can charge money and make more revenue. Statistically in-app purchases and ad-revenues are usually 25% higher in last quarter compared to others.
  3. Higher visibility at Apple and Google store – Recently updated apps get more downloads because of Apple and Google store ranking algorithm. So it’s the right time to update the app making use of the right keywords in your updates.
  4. New features – For the Applications and Games you can add new features or special Christmas Section as your update. You can keep these features premium and paid for earning more money, or you can keep some free and present it as “Christmas Present” to your users.
  5. Launch Sequels – you can also launch sequels of Games for Christmas and earn extra money for a limited time period within which the sequel validates. Considering you will have low cost of production, higher revenues hence maximizing your profits.
  6. You need to hurry up! Remember to submit apps in first week of December since Apple store closes and freezes ranking around 20th December, so any new updates or price variations that developers want to add will be delayed until it opens again.

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