Building Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality (VR) is ranked amongst top emerging platform for future development, similar to what iPhone was in 2008. Many entrepreneurs are building amazing products by leveraging platform’s capabilities. The platform is currently being leveraged in medical science, entertainment & educational space. Virtual reality platforms help consumers visualize and interact with the environment. Imagine if you can go and interact in Pandora as depicted in movie “Avatar”, or wearing superman consume and flying around the city; or if a medical science student can learn human anatomy using VR. Well there are indefinite opportunities with VR and that’s what makes it a buzzword.

Virtual Reality Experience Design

GenIteam Experience in VR

At GenITeam Solutions we find VR development a natural extension to our extensive 3D game development expertise. While we found that our recommended development guidelines applies for VR development, however extra efforts must be spent on designing VR experience concept.

Before designing VR experience, it beneficial for us to understand limitations of existing VR toolkits that are currently available in market i.e. Oculus, Hive etc. Here are few listed limitations that must be kept in mind before designing VR experience.

Virtual Reality Sickness

 Yes, that’s true ! Lot of people gets headache, nausea after being exposed to virtual reality. You can read more about it at wiki. Its recommended that we limit character movements and keep environment exposure gradual and for shorter duration.


 Though there are few interaction devices available for button clicks and interacting in 3D virtual reality world, however not everyone has access to those. Hence the concept must rely on minimal interaction and simple flow.


 We must identify objectives and means to deliver experience, e.g. do we wish to use VR experience during marketing campaign in shopping mall, or uploading on SteamVR allowing users to try on their own headset. Based on varying objectives, the experience designed will be different as well.


 We must identify targeted platforms. Options include Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, Mobile Cardboard; and each platform has its own performance optimization requirement. If you are relying on existing art work, then this may be additional constraint to factor in for your concept design.

Having understood your limitations, constrains, you are ready to design your concept. Just like game development, we recommend iterative game development process to evolve concept as you develop. Here are few of the recent VR projects that we are working on

Dental Health VR Experience

We worked with famous brand that manufactures mouth wash to augment offline marketing campaign using VR. The VR experience allowed consumers to fight with germs and created awareness amongst consumer about dental hygiene. The experience was delivered on Oculus Rift and kept for smaller duration to give small exposure to consumers at the event.

Virtual Tour of Upcoming Apartments

Buying an apartment is pretty invovled process and so far people can only commit to new buildings by reviewing images and small model. How about giving them ability to walk through their building and visit apartment? We are currently working on a project to deliver experience through VR that can help people visualise building architecture and interior before actually building. The project is expected to be finished by Q3, 2016.

GenITeam specialise building Virtual Reality experience from scratch to finish ! Contact us to build your next cutting edge VR experience.