HTML5 Instant Games & Brands

Click, load and play. That’s what HTML5 Games are all about.  I love them. People love those, and brands are adopting them fast. This post helps deciphering faster adoption of HTML5 and instant games in particular by brands. As a game development company, we have seen uptake on demand for HTML5 custom game development over last year. Surprisingly HTML5 Games are gaining traction from corporations as a tool to engage broader audiences. Recently, a leading US bank launched game to promote major Golf Event, and world largest food delivery platform launched game to enhance brand recall. We believe instant HTML5 Games are trendy, catchy and strong marketing medium that can go viral.

HTML5 instant games

Why HTML5?

HTML5 just enhanced the experience of Flash games without requiring consumers to download proprietary flash plugins or installing heavy app on phone; all without compromising on user experience. The tech saw major overhaul over last year as a lightweight, in browser technology to support complex rendering suitable for games. While HTMl5 technology evolved fast, success of created strong use case to to demonstrate its success. From PC games to mobile games, we are seeing up rise in trend playing games over chat messengers with friends, termed as instant games.

Slitherio instant game

Not only that consumers are leveraging games but brands are also adapting HTML games to engage their consumers. GenITeam has helped various customers build HTML5 games and you can review few of our featured HTML 5 Games here.

While we are witnessing adaption across all genres of games, however hyper-casual are trivia are gaining noticeable traction on HTML5. We feel these genres particularly suit quick, smooth and social gaming experience offered by HTML5 platform. The technology delivered the promise of; play anywhere, anytime, any platform without installing and downloading

HTML5 games outputs

A shift in the world of instant games

Another important aspect to HTML5 game adoption is deep penetration of messaging apps.. These apps are emerging at platforms, and users are using chat platforms as a tool to play games with friends. HTML5 supported the idea of having a game instantly without installing and supported variety of devices, be it a mobile or desktop browser  Hence, Messengers are adopting games as a mean to connect and play with their connections. Facebook started with instant game but we are seeing adoption by WeChat and few other emerging chat platforms. Chat platforms allow users to connect with people without talking to them, staying in touch without the pressure of making meaningful conversation.

Tic Tac Toe HTML5 game development

GenITeam successfully works with HTML 5

As of now instant games are monetized through rewarded advertisement ( supported by facebook ) , in-app purchases and static interstitial. Surprisingly BitCoin and Crypto currency has emerged as strong monetization tool since mobile platforms prohibited integration on their respective platforms i.e. Google Play and Apple Store.

We see that Instant Games will see wide adoption. Innovators will try to ride the tide of HTML5 & Instant Games; Brands will use it to engage and connect with their consumers.

With improvements in HTML technology such as play canvas, game quality has gone up tremendously. We have build games for leading FMCG , Banks and Fortunes 500 companies. Please contact us at to review our portfolio and how can we help you.