Game Portfolio

You have a game idea and finding experienced game developer to convert idea into engaging game. Selecting right game developer is crucial to execution of your project. How do you start by short-listing game developers? The answer is simple : start by reviewing their work, also known as Portfolio.

How to judge game developers expertise?

It’s always a good idea to start by reviewing their portfolio and expertise. You can request for portfolio to better understand capabilities of game development agency.

How many portfolio does game developer carry?

Depending upon the service stack, game developer may carry art portfolio, animation portfolio, finished game showreel. It’s always a good idea to request different portfolio items to better understand capabilities and align expectations.

Game developer’s portfolio

There are various portfolios that a game development agency may carry based on their service stack. A full service agency, which can deliver finished product may carry different type of portfolios, whereas an individual artist or animation studio may only have art portfolio. Different portfolio documents are discussed below :


This video depicts finished games produced by the developer. It helps in understanding capabilities in delivering finished product. Most full stack game development firms like GenITeam , would have publicly available showreel. Showreel must show latest and important games.

GenITeam Game Development Services

Art Portolio

Few game studios may only work on developing art. Such studios may only carry art portfolio. Art portfolio should clearly demonstrate capabilities in designing concept art, character art, 2D designing and 3D modelling. You can contact game developers to request for this document. Even if good to ask for this document from a full stack game development agency.

Art portfolio should contain 2D as well as 3D art.
Art Porfolio

Animation Portfolio

Game developers may also carry animation showreel that demonstrate their abilities in 2D and 3D Animations. Most animation studio’s carry this portfolio. The portfolio demonstrates capabilities in delivering 2D and 3d animations.


Game portfolio is very important to shortlist game developers based on their capabilities. We have shared GenITeam’s portfolio. Please let us know your feedback on this.