Game Developer : Career Choice

Do you love playing video games? They are fun, engaging and often termed as distractions . The accomplishment of the level or mission has a power that you just can’t resist. This motivates everyone to become a game developer. The article presents game developer as a career profession and list necessary skills required for the job.

Have you ever given it a thought to how these games reach you? There is a complete effort behind these video games. The game developer is the person who put all the effort into it and bring the best game to you. Now, who is a game developer?

The game developer is the person who designs, conceptualizes, develops the idea of the story and writes the code for the game.  For a more insightful look into it, keep reading!

Who is a game developer ?

The game developer is the one who has the creative, mathematical and programming skills to create the game through the concept of the story, character designing, and programming.

What is game development?

Game development is the process of conceptualizing, designing, developing and testing the game. It involves all kinds of game mechanics, player engagement and designs of the levels and missions of the game.

Game developer career

It is all about the strong imagination and stronger computational skills. Simple games with few functionalities liking popping bubbles and racing cars are quite easy. However, the time is changing and more and more games are relying on artificial intelligent and virtual reality. Therefore, anyone who is pursuing a dream to be a game developer has to be prepared for complex mathematical and imagination challenges.

If you are good in mathematics and want to develop your game. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is the system that is helping students to start developing their interests from the beginning of their education period.

Game developer codes a video game
Game Developer working on computer

Educational requirements

There are few skills that a game developer must acquire before starting a professional career in gaming industry. Based on the role, game developer can have skills in games design, linear algebra, game programming and analytics. These skills can also be acquired through 4 years degree in computer science or diploma in game design.

Game development industry

Innovation is changing job market landscape. Now people have so many career choices available to them. Game industry and game programmer, is a new role that has gained popularity in last few years. With the swell growing gaming industry, there is huge demand for game developers. To give a glimpse of gaming industry, kindly review the stats below :

  • The size of the global video gaming industry was US$ 96 billion in 2018.
  • Global eSports industry is growing at the rate of 30% YoY & is predicted to be a billion-dollar industry by 2019.
Game developer builds a game from scratch
Game developers build games from scratch

Average salary

Well, this is a tough one!

Gaming industry is global and salary may vary based on region, skills and experience. In many of the companies, the starting job for game developers is $50,000 (USA) annually which is pretty much good for the basics and as you gain experience, you can easily make over $100,000 annually plus benefits.  However an indian game developers makes $24,000 / year.

Fun job

Game development is a FUN JOB if you dare to face the challenges from other sources and also sometimes, the coding can make you frustrated.

Game development is simply not a 9 to 5 job. A multi-national company sent a girlfriend of video developer a bouquet on Valentine’s Day as the developer was too busy in upgrading PUBG and forgot to take her girlfriend out for a date. This is what game development is – sometimes you are chilling and the next, you are just thinking to quit.

Value addition

Like traditional engineering jobs, game development relies heavily on programming skills. However, a game developer has to create engaging experience for consumers and hence requires few more skills

Refining thoughts

The indication that many of the game developers are thinking to earn easy money from these skills but are not thinking something new. The writing of the codes is not too difficult, but the generation of new ideas and the concept is what matters. The replication of the games and working non-stop to feel the freedom of the real world and design the concept into a real-world setting needs time and reward.

The ability to re-conceptualize the idea of your brainchild and plan to take it to the next level is the biggest challenge. You need to properly look into the phases of game development and your objectives and ideas to develop the game – you are thinking of.

Game development requires imaginations
Game Development requires imaginations

Make it exciting

When you are thinking to bend down in the career of game developing, you need to learn all the basics of game development at a rapid pace. Fast evolving and innovations are happening quickly, so you have to stay updated in bringing new options in the game development.


If you want to be a game developer and pursue your dreams – you need imagination stronger than the programming skills. Programming and game development courses are available in a vast variety. However, passion and imagination is something that comes from the heart. If you think you can miss out on the party with friends to write the amazing code for the next big game, this is the career for you.

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