Game Development Majors

Video game revenue surpassed total global box office for the film industry, according to new data released by the Entertainment Software Association. Video game industry is a promising career choice for students pursuing career in game development or professionals looking to switch. The article highlights degree programs available for aspiring game developers and desired skills.

Area of specialisation

Game development is a promising career choice for the future. Degree in game development will provide you a chance to work in a team of developers, storytellers, designers, and testers. Choose the degree in game development and get along with the creatives to become a pro one day.

The game is developed by following the specific process. The story is conceptualized, further, it is designed by the art designers and coders write the code after multiple iterations, it goes in the phase of testing. Hence, you can opt for various specializations based on your skills.

There are 3 different types of specialisation in game development and design
3 different area of specialization

Game design

Game design involves the story development along with the level design. It requires the skills of creativity and storytelling. One has to have an aesthetical vision along with analytical skills to design prototypes. In this course, you will learn the process of designing and the tools you use in the process.

Game development

It will provide you hands-on experience in coding and development skills. In this course, you will learn the creation of logic and coding. It involves the structure of games, algorithms, developing the game engine programming game logic.

Game art

The game is boring without the amazing look of characters and props. So, here comes the specialization in Game Art. If you are talented enough to sketch and, compose and make animation. This course is for you to be a part of the game development team. It involves the learning of drawing, sketching and then draw the same digitally.

Required skills

You may be an expert in technical skills, but having some additional skills bring more benefits to your expertise. Skills other than programming and designing may include a creative and analytical mind. Your imaginative and mind-blowing analytical skills with technical skills give you bonus points.  

So, it is not exactly a fun job. For becoming an all-rounder, you must be a creative person and hard working to enjoy it. Some of the additional skills can be:

  • Analytical thinking
  • Programming
  • Designing
  • Creativity
  • Project management skills
  • Understanding research methods
  • Communication skills

Top majors

As a student, you might be looking for the options you have to get started with game development learning. We have lined up 6 top degrees that can lead you to a career in game development or you can be a part of any game development team

Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Entertainment

Interacting with the end users is the vital necessity of any game. So, the bachelors of Arts in interactive entertainment will teach you the tools and tricks of interaction. You will learn the ways to interact and reach out to the audience by connecting with them. You will find many universities, including the University of Southern California that is offering this program.

The university has many benefits for the students, and it is also ranked in one of the top universities in the world. So, for game development courses and programs, you must keep it consideration.

Games have a specialization in Arts
Degree in Arts

Bachelor of Arts in game design

If you think you are good at music, drawing, writing, and mathematics. This is in the programs for you. The degree includes a lot more than you can think right now. Your beginner’s skills can take you far away after enrolling in this program. It will make you an expert on game design, including learning many tools and some design specific skills of creativity. All else is about your imagination and aesthetic sense.

Now, you need a college or school to pursue your dream. Digipen Institute of Technology is one of the finest schools that can be your institute to make your dream come true. You can become one of the top game designers or land a job that satisfies your hunger for creativity.

Bachelor of Science in Game Development

This program focus on the basic course of elements from computer sciences. Learning the foundations of computing and development and design is taught in this program. With this program, you have bright chances to build an amazing career in game development. You can specialize in software engineering, designing or even in game development. The choice is yours and the course has everything to teach that you may need for your career.

Enroll in a program at Rochester Institute of Technology.  It is covering all the aspects of game design & development in the program. This is an all-rounder course in game development by RIT.

Bachelors in computer science

Computer science is an all-round degree. It is just like a surface knowledge on every single course that will teach you skills. You can further go for specializing in any specific. However, the course will include every basic subject that you can learn to develop programming skills, designing, coding, and other basic skills to be a professional. It may include other subjects to teach you the communication skills, presentation tricks, and others you will need in professional life.

As for the institute, Utah University is one of the schools that are counted as top and best universities for graduating in Computer science.

Bachelors in computer animations

Computer animation is another important aspect of the game design and development program. The animation is the phase of the game where the characters are brought to life. Their limits, the game levels, and their strengths and weaknesses are implemented. The game was just a prototype before and now it is in action due to the addition of animations.

New York University’s Tisch School is one of the top schools that are offering this program and teaching you the whole game of computer animation. The courses included in the program will help you learn the fiscal side of the game. It also includes writing as we need a story to play those characters and define their limits, powers, weakness, etc. Today, every game is based on animation. No more era of manual games is left now. People love to go wild while playing these games that give them a feel of reality.

Degree in animations is one of the most demanding specialisation
Degree in Animations


Students of this era have a lot more options to choose as a career. Game development is one of the top career choices as the industry is still growing. Universities like the University of Utah and southern California are offering some of the amazing game programs to build your career.

So, figure out your interests as soon as possible and decide the major you want to opt for. Take complete information about the universities and decide your path to the amazing career of the future. Just focus on your degree program along with the other skills to be one of the top game developers in the town.