Crypto Wallets : Blockchain Games in 2020

We talked about rising trend in blockchain games by start of 2019. At GenITeam, we have witnessed increase in demands for blockchain based games. Though 2019 was dominated by hyper-casual games, but we expect blockchain games to take significant marketshare in 2020. We have seen very strong uptake towards blockchain games in 2019.

We had 6 work projects related to blockchain games in 2019 but surprisingly majority of them started by integrated crypto-wallets. With the rise of eSports and digital wallets, we hope this will be the most powerful tool to start with for blockchain games.

What is digital wallet?

Digital-wallet or e-wallet lets you make online transection instantly. Traditional e-wallets can be filled with various funding sources including credit cards, bank accounts etc, and can be used for purchases at various retail outlets. There are various mobile applications that have digital wallets and provide ease of payment on a single tap.

What is crypto-wallet?

Digital wallets backed by cryptocurrency is known as crypto-wallet. While cryptocurrency allows people to trade and earn profits, crypto-wallet allows people to make transections like typical digital wallets. Bitcoin Wallet is widely adapted crypto-wallet.

Blockchain games

Blockchain games provides some incredible features that are added to traditional games. These includes

  1. Verifiable scarcity of objects
  2. Decentralized asset exchange
  3. Fast and secure payment network

While the gaming industry is catching up with first 2 core benefits, fast and secure payment network is seeing lot of traction. This is providing an alternative mean to purchase and sell assets and cash-out for gamers across the globe. The concept that you can earn while playing, is getting very popular.

Cryto-wallet enabed game that allows people to cash out as well.
Cryto-wallet game

We think eSports have provide a nice use case for blockchain and crypto-wallets. While blockchain had lot of promise, it failed to find widespread support. Blockchain was tried in healthcare, finance, logistics but games have provided nice use case. Blackjack is one of the game we finished last week that included crypto-wallet.

Crypto Blackjack

It’s a traditional blackjack games that introduces crypto wallets. Since mobile app stores have restricted usage of crypto currency on their platforms, HTML5 based web games provided alternative to build web games. The game basic features includes

  1. Ability to register user with variety of BitCoin wallets to choose from.
  2. Multiple tables that have various deal price points.
  3. In game chat to support social interactions
  4. Customised rules to add additional features to game.
  5. Live multiplayer supported by
Blackjack with crypto-wallet

Crypto wallet

Users can join table by funding through their digital wallet. Who ever wins gets the reward. The unique feature is allowing users to cash out their in-game earnings to crypto-currency, which can then be converted to real cash. This is adding real rewards to traditional card game. The game is expected for a global launch towards end of 2019.


Expect lot of games to include crypto-wallets in 2020. We expect that gamers expectations towards gaming would be dominated by features offered by blockchain games. GenITeam is currently working on few more games. You can reach out to GenITeam for developing bespoke games. Review our portfolio for details.